Tell Yuanie what you've learnt from his Wiki. 

& before we start, Yuanie will tell you his instructions!

"Instructions", By Yuanie.

Ins. 1: Please look at the question and read carefully

Ins. 2: There will be hints of the answers

Note: Please add your quiz answers in comments. Thank you!


Q1. How much money does the Yellow Minnow give you?

(a) $3

(b) $4                                     (  )

Q2. What fish is after Red Minnow?

(a) Rainbow Fish

(b) Seabass                          (  )

Q3. What is the 10th fish in the 1st island?

(a) Turtle

(b) Squid                                          (  )

Q4. What type of Shark is the Shark in Ninja Fishing?

(a) Great White Shark

(b) Bonnethead Shark                                  (  )

                                                              End of Quiz. Have you read all the questions? 

                      If that is so, please tell us the answers in the comments and Yuanie will check what you've written.