Giant Squid (made on April 2013)

Giant Squid is the 22nd fish in the 1st island. It is encountered after the Coelacanth and before the Pistol Shrimp. It gives you a worth 113 Dollars. It is also the 1st rare fish in the 1st island.

Other rare fish:

1st island rare fish:

1. Giant Squid

2. Ghostopus

3. T-Rex Fish

4. Othulhu 

5. Robo Fish

6. Giant Jellyfish

7. Fishonoctopus

2nd island rare fish:

1. Dunkleosteus

2. Basilosaurus

3. Megalodon

4. Dinoctopus

5. Hydra

6. Twicedra

7. Tridra

8. Quadra

9. Triquadra

3rd island rare fish:

1. Whale Shark 

2. Ahab Whale

3. Pistoloctopus 

4. Goblin Shark

There will be another island soon!

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