Masterfish (Made on Apr 2013)

The 37th fish in TRANQUIL SEA.Edit

It is encountered after the Robo Fish and before the Giant Jellyfish.

It gives you a worth $1002.

It is only found after 1,413 metres.Edit

Note from Yuanie:

Some of you don't have Masterfish, your hook can only reach until 1,400 metres deep, but I got Masterfish.

How to get it: Update your game and wait for about 2 secs-3 mins, then it will be ready! (But I don't know if you can update anymore. I created the 37th-40th fish, names: 37th fish, Masterfish, 38th fish, Giant Jellyfish, 39th fish, Topalz Fish and 40th fish, Fishonoctopus.)

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1 May 2013