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You're here to explore about Ninja Fishing, a game published by Gamenauts. Learn more and explore about these fascinating 7 islands and the 7 islands' fish, plus, add your own talk!


  • Celebrate the Wiki's 3rd birthday on 22 April 2015!

Welcome to Ninja Fishing (Updated) Wiki! ninja-fishing-updated.wikia.comEdit

Meet Yuanie's own Fishing game: Fishin'. Pages about Fishin':

Island Map Dragon Shrine

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Special events
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: this is a list of special events fish the special events have 5 fish in the stile of these holidays: halloween christmas valentines day summer...
  • edit List of Dragon Shrine (4th Island) Fish
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: Fish:
  • new page Phoenix Fish
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: phoenix fish is a yellow and orange bird shaped fish that.....seems to have blonde hair CHANGES: she is a bird shaped fish
  • new page Shachihoko
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: shachihoko is a statue that has a yellow eyeball and his skin color is yellow and green CHANGES: note: bold means that that's the way he looks now ...
  • new page Shuriken Plankton
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: shuriken plankton is a purple shuriken with one eye IT IS SO WEIRD HOW SHE NEVER MADE CHANGES (idk why I called it a she)
  • edit Jade Arowana
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: I put spaces in bold and fixed jade arowana is small
  • new page Jade Arowana
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: the jade arowana is a green arowana with a snake tongue on his chin......I wonder if that is how he eats UPDATES: note:boldmeans that that is how...
  • edit Mecha shark
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: Appearance:
  • edit Rare fish
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: got rid of unnecasary thing
  • discussion page Talk:Ghostopus (Rare)
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: I seen it and it has been over 100 tries to find it again grandson is really unhappy He enjoyed it up to the factor it does not show up m

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