Introduction to Shipwreck CoveEdit

Shipwreck cove is the third island in the game. Since 14 fish last time, now its 36! From the shallow waters of flying fish, to the deep seas of the goblin shark. Keep enjoying and playing and stay alert for future updates!

Fish Next Island
43 Dragon Shrine


Flying Fish Arowana Seahorse Clownfish Catfish Sturgeon Pirate Fish Star Fish Seacroc Coco Crab  Fire Eel Tiger Shark Cannonball Squid Whale Shark (14 fish last time) Neon Plankton Frozen Tuna Cutlass Crab Gemini Eel Glow Worm Axolotl Dumbo Octopus Bulletcuda Phantom Shark Giant Pufferfish Basket Star Ahab Whale (26 fish last time) Menacing Arowana Electric Eel Shiprowplankton Oasis Fish Viperfish Aotro-i Scorpion-Giant Head Hauxanotl (34 fish last time) Pistoloctopus Goblin Shark (36 fish last time) peppercrab moorish idol fishojellyfish (39 fish last time) chimaera yarnfish (41 fish last time) chamachu squid emperor shark (43 fish last time)


This island contains FIVE STAR TREASURES! Good luck on fishing them and happy fishing! 1st fish last time] flying fish arowana riderwana Sea horse clown fish Cat fish sturgeon pirate fish sea star sea croc coco crab fire eel tiger shark Cannonball squid whale shark neon plankton frozen plankton frozen tuna cutlass crab Gemini eel glow worm Axolotl [12st fish last time] dumbo octopus bulletcuda phantom shark giant pufferfish puffoctopus basket star [23st fish last time] ahab whale Menancing arowana electric eel Shipwrowplankton oasis fish viperfish Aotro-I scorpion-giant head hauxanotl [45st fish last time] goblin shark fishojellyfish moorish idol chimaera peppercrab chawachu squid yarnfish emperor shark